Why choose a Mobile Home Community?

Mobile home communities offer both the benefits of apartment living along with the opportunity to your own home.  It can be the perfect, affordable solution to today’s housing needs.  When trying to decide on a mobile home vs an apartment, remember, with a mobile home you can afford a home and a lifestyle.

Build Equity

As a renter, you pay rent every month and have nothing to show for it.  As a mobile home owner, you build equity each month, an asset that you may be able to sell or borrow against in the future.


There is an apartment shortage and rents increase every year. Oftentimes, a mobile home can be more affordable and offer more amenities – you can own a home and a lifestyle.

No Shared Walls

A mobile home community provides you with your own single family home – your own space with no common walls and the resulting neighbor noise.

Pet Friendly

No additional pet deposits or monthly fees! Be sure to ask us about or breed and weight restrictions!

Control over Your Space

You can decorate and make improvements to your mobile home to suit your taste and increase its value.

Plus, mobile home communities:


What does community mean to us?

We take great pride in providing a welcoming, family friendly community. It is our mission to provide safe, affordable housing. We follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and make decisions backed by Christian Principles. We pursue personal and professional growth and use integrity to do whatever it takes. We are committed to individual and team success. We give back by being community and environmentally minded and use talents to have a positive impact on others. We accept ownership of responsibilities and results.

Our Presence

We have been in the mobile home industry since 1980. We have communities located in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan,. Our communities offer on-site professional management and maintenance as well as several amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Our Services

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