Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I choose a manufactured housing community living over an apartment complex?
A: To start with, you have your own 4 walls with no noisy neighbors above or below you. Many manufactured homes have windows on all 4 sides allowing for better layouts. Your car is either in your own driveway or just outside the house, not down a few dozen stairs and on the other side of a parking lot.

Q: What are some of the advantages to community living?
A: While every community is different they all offer great community events and many have other wonderful amenities. Events might include community garage sales, holiday events, community improvement and pride awards and cookouts. Amenities might include pools, playgrounds and large meeting spaces. Other features could include neighborhood watch programs and on-site managers.

Q: As a homeowner, what are my responsibilities?
A: Homeowners are responsible for their own utilities, including electric, propane, and telephone/television/internet as well as the lot rent,your home payment and personal property taxes. Homeowners are also responsible for the maintenance of their own lots as well as the maintenance of their homes.

Q: What will my monthly costs be?
A: Residents are responsible for the lot rent and their home payments. Home payments will vary on several factors such as the home size, price, and age as well as the lender you choose.

Q: What do I need to apply?
A: we need a completed application for residency, a copy of a valid driver’s license, Social Security cards and proof of income for everyone over the age of 18, residing in the home.

Q: How long before I can move in?
A: The process is fairly quick but will be based on the the time frame at which the the applicant has all necessary documentation submitted for consideration.

Q: Can I rent a home instead of buying?
A: It is possible to begin life in one of our communities as a renter, and then become an owner. This is dependent on the community and availability.

Q: Can we purchase a home from you and move it to our own land?
A: No. Our homes are set up and ready for occupancy within the community. We do not sell homes for private property placement.

Q: Can we buy the land the home is on?
A: No. In our communities, we lease the site/lot to you and you own the home.

Q: What are the different sizes of manufactured homes?
A: There are two terms used in the manufactured housing industry. The term ‘single-section’ is used on a home that is 12-16 feet wide and from 30 to 80 ft. long. These homes run in size from 360 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft. The term ‘multi-section’ is used on a home that is 24-32 feet wide and from 40 to 80 ft. long. These homes run from 960 sq. ft. to over 2,300 sq. ft.

Q: How is buying in the community better than renting?
A: You are building equity in the home.  You have the ability to paint, decorate and such as you please.  Additionally, you get several added perks that apartment renters do not, such as appliance hookups, preferred parking, yards, privacy, pet friendliness, no shared walls, and a place to call home!

Q: Can I have a dog or cat?
A: Cats and Dogs are allowed that are 20 lbs or under.  Breed restrictions do apply. Please see the community manager for details.

Q: Can I put up fencing around my yard?
A: No, I am sorry, but you can put some shrubs on your property line it will add beauty as well as privacy.

Q: Is a mobile home the same as a trailer?
A: No. It is not a trailer because it does not have wheels and is not meant for excessive movement. Manufactured homes are secured in place, sitting on a foundation within our communities.

Q: What is the difference between a mobile home community and a trailer park?
A: Mobile Homes are in modern, professionally managed communities with onsite managers and maintenance. Community guidelines are implemented and several benefits are offered which may include dog parks, pools, clubhouses, playgrounds. We also have fun community events that are free for residents.

Q: Is a mobile home made at the same quality as an apartment or stick built home?
A: The same building materials are used such as 2X4 construction lumber, steel doors, dual pane vinyl windows, upgraded cabinetry and lighting.

Q: Are mobile homes affordable?
A: In most cases, you can own a mobile home for much less than renting an apartment. As homeowners, your monthly payments will actually be lower than monthly rent, right away.

Q: Do you have a mobile home community near me?
A: We have mobile home communities located in three different states. You can see a complete list of each location here:

Q: Do I have to have an appointment?
A: No. Walk ins are welcome but we are able to give you our full attention with a scheduled appointment. Please check the community’s hours on the corresponding community page.

Q: Do you text?
A: Yes MH Acceptance, Inc. can use text to communicate with clients. ” Phone calls, alerts and messages received as text messages on your mobile access device may incur charges from your mobile access service provider.  Voice, data, messaging, or other wireless carrier fees may apply. ”